Curriculum Standards Panel Preferences and Expertise Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on your preferences, experiences and specialized expertise on topics relevant to instruction in fundamental, introductory cybersecurity courses. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and used only to support panelist selection and administration of the standards process. The information you provide will be shared only with the National CyberWatch Center Leadership and Curriculum Committee to support decisions on invitations to participate as a member of the Curriculum Standards Panel.

By submission of your response to this survey, you are providing your consent for sharing your response information with the NCC Leadership and Curriculum Committee. You are also providing your consent for your responses to be anonymized and then aggregated with other responses for purposes of calculating and reporting descriptive and inferential statistics. You may opt out at any time PRIOR TO clicking on the "submit" button to file your response.

The survey will begin with demographic questions that will include your preference for email communication to be used for invitations to the panel sessions. The demographics questionnaire will be followed by a brief questionnaire about your experience and specialized expertise. 

The final section of the survey is a Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Assessment (CCMA) that enables us to understand and to statistically analyze your areas of expertise as they relate to curriculum topics. The CCMA includes a randomly-selected group of 108 task statements that we ask you to review and indicate your degree of confidence in performing these tasks as well as how often you have performed them in the past year. 

The CCMA responses will NOT be used to evaluate your nomination as a member of the curriculum standards board. However, the responses are critical to assure your time, expertise and experience are judiciously applied to the panel tasks. Therefore, without taking too much time to answer any one item, please try to rate each statement presented as accurately as possible.

The overall survey will typically require 40-60 minutes.

During the second (longer portion) of the survey, you may discontinue access and return to complete it at a later time by clicking on the "Resume Later" button. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RESUME LATER PASSWORD IS PASSED IN THE URL IN CLEAR TEXT. WHILE THE DATA IN THIS SURVEY IS ANONYMIZED YOU SHOULD BE CERTAIN TO USE A ONE-TIME PASSWORD FOR RESUMING ACCESS.